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Dr.Palafox – Cancer and Genetic testing

By July 2, 2020August 31st, 2021No Comments

“You have cancer.” Three words no one wishes to hear.  Would you take the opportunity to find out if you are at greater then normal risk for certain types of cancer? Thankfully the answer lies In your family history, The National Cancer Care Network has established guidelines for your doctor to practice genetic testing. Genetic testing shows mutations in DNA which correlates with a higher risk for cancer. Be mindful, this heredity isn’t a passing sentence.

You now have the opportunity to do additional testing, take medications, and make lifestyle changes, in arrange to lower or totally expel your risk. Knowing you a carrier for a DNA mutation can deliver you the information you need in order to hold complete control over cancer. With genetic testing knowledge is power and you now have full control over your own destiny! To schedule an office or video genetic counseling appointment, please call 210-504-5053!