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Ease the Pain of Hemorrhoids with a Hemorrhoidectomy

By May 24, 2021August 31st, 2021No Comments

What is a Hemorrhoidectomy?

If you’ve ever suffered from hemorrhoids, you know they can be painful.  Sometimes the best choice to relieve the pain is a hemorrhoidectomy.  This surgery removes troubling hemorrhoids and sends you home on the same day.

A simple medical exam can usually diagnose hemorrhoids. 

Diagnosing Hemorrhoids

A simple medical exam can usually diagnose hemorrhoids.  A digital rectal exam may check for rectal bleeding. If bleeding is noted, a colonoscopy may be scheduled to rule out polyps or cancer.

How to Prepare for a Hemorrhoidectomy

While most cases of hemorrhoids are mild and pain relief occurs within two weeks, certain types may require surgery to provide relief.  If you’re preparing for a hemorrhoidectomy, follow these tips so you’re ready for surgery.

• The week before surgery, you may be required to stop the usage of certain medications shown to increase bleeding.  Medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin will be on this list.

• One day before surgery you will need to either give yourself an enema or drink a solution to clear out your bowels.

• Drink only clear liquids the day before surgery. 

• You will also have some limitations regarding food and drink on the day of the surgery.  Your doctor should clear up those questions in a pre-op appointment.

• Arrive on time for your appointment.

A warn bath can help with irritation.

What is the Recovery Time for a Hemorrhoidectomy?

• Pain medications will be given to you for pain management.  It’s much easier to stay on a regulated schedule so you do not become uncomfortable and your pain becomes unmanageable.

• Soaking in warm sitz baths will help with any irritation or pain.

• Sitting for prolonged periods may become uncomfortable, and a donut-shaped pillow will lessen discomfort sitting.

• Bowel movements may be painful, so a stool softener will most likely be prescribed.

• You may have stitches covering the wound that should begin to dissolve over time.

• Using baby wipes will be gentler on the area than regular toilet paper.

Finally Feeling Better

If you suffer from hemorrhoids and want to know if a hemorrhoidectomy is right for you, call us to schedule a consultation.  Within no time you’ll be pain-free and back to your active lifestyle.

To schedule a consultation, click here. Check out our FAQ below.