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Get to Know Dr. Maria Palafox of South Texas Breast Surgery

My name is Maria Palafox. I’ve been in practice since 2005 as a General Surgeon. In 2015, I opened my office on the Brooks City Base primarily because it is perfectly located and it is an under-served area, I love being there. So, what I provide is a wide range of General Surgery Services. I provide minor procedures in the office such as skin tag removal, lumps and bumps, and small skin cancers, to general surgery services which are primarily gallbladders, hernia repair, advanced laparoscopy with robotic surgery.

Another big part of my practice is breast care. I take breast cancer and survivorship personally for a lot of reasons. I see myself in every patient that I diagnose. That could have been me back then, that could be me in the future. And all the things their family goes through, I see my family in what they’re going through. 

In terms of survivorship, I think sometimes patients feel like “Okay, I got through my treatment this is it for me.” I think it’s unfortunate because there is a lot of things that you can do to reduce your future risk of breast cancer recurrence. I think in general patients are not educated enough on that, so I want to be the primary care doctor for their breasts.

The breast health services that I provide really depend on the patient. For younger women, for example, the way that we screen them is primarily through their own self-exam. If they feel something then I will have them come into the office and I will examine them. I do ultrasounds and biopsies in my office for patients that need it. I talk to my patients about a lot of things such as their risk factors and how they can modify their risk factors. I also provide genetic counseling and testing for patients that have a strong family history of not only breast cancer but other cancers that are associated with a genetic change.

For my breast cancer survivors, I have them come to see me every 3 months for the first year for a clinical breast exam. I also talk to them about how things are going with their chemotherapy and radiation and about their well-being, including how they feel, and then space out the visits over time.

If you have any concerns about your general health, please visit our website at or call us at (210) 504-5053.