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New Type of Mammogram Detects Breast Cancer Earlier than Before

By June 22, 2021August 31st, 2021No Comments

Breast cancer is a disease that is very treatable, as long as it is detected early enough. This is one reason why women are urged to get a mammogram every two years when they are between the ages of 50 and 74.

The Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System is offering a new type of mammogram at its Ausonio Mammography Center, which creates 3D images. The idea is that such images will allow healthcare professionals to detect breast cancers earlier and more accurately than has previously been the case.

The new technology works by taking x-ray images of the breast tissue while an arm sweeps over the breast. The images are converted to layers, which a radiologist can examine one at a time.

Women between the ages of 50 and 74 are encouraged to get a mammogram every two years.

Conventional mammograms take 2D images that can miss some cancers and create some false positives. The 3D imaging technology resulted in a 29 percent increase in the detection of all kinds of breast cancers and a 15 percent decrease in instances in which women were required to return for further imaging. As a bonus, the new mammogram is more comfortable for women to undergo. The technology is especially advised for women who have a higher than normal breast tissue density.

Breast cancers are categorized by stages. Women with stage 0 breast cancer, for example, have close to a 100 percent five-year survival rate. Even stage 3 breast cancers have a 72 percent five-year survival rate and are very treatable. Nevertheless, as with all forms of cancer, the sooner that breast cancer is detected, the more likely a woman will survive the disease and go into remission. Five-year survival rates are constantly improving as diagnostic techniques and treatments continue to be refined. For all your Breast Health needs, schedule an appointment with Dr.Palafox today.