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The Advantages of Robotic Surgery

By February 4, 2021August 31st, 2021No Comments

Robotic surgery is not a robot, Dr. Maria Palafox is still performing your surgery. What robotic means is it refers to the instruments that are being used. 

With your traditional laparoscopic surgery which is a camera in small incisions, the instruments basically just open and close. With robotic surgery, the instruments have a lot more mobility and can go in several different directions. What that allows me to do is have a lot more agility in the operating room.

So, for example, my hernia repairs, I can suture the mesh into place. I think overall I can close the hernia defect much easier. Overall, you get a much more durable and better repair. That is because you are not just using two different motions to tack a mesh in. I can do all of the things I can do with my hand. It’s as if I am doing a surgery with a big open incision, however with the robotic surgery I use these  tiny incisions. So, I think I provide a more durable and better repair of hernias.

With respect for gallbladder surgery, I think the big advantage with robotics is that it can give you the ability to use sort of a black light and a green dye where you can see the gallbladder.  More importantly the ductal system that leads from the liver to the gallbladder because we do not want to damage that. That is what I see as the huge advantage with the robotic gallbladder surgery. 

So, as many surgeries I can do I am going to do robotic because I think it provides a better repair and surgery for patients. In my practice what I have done is converted almost all of my laparoscopic cases to robotic surgery because I see a huge advantage in the instruments. 

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