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The Benefits of Early Detection Dr. Maria Palafox South Texas Breast Surgery

In general, we feel like young women do not get breast cancer. It definitely is less common, but if you feel something, examine yourself, or perhaps a partner notices something, then do not discount it based on your youthful age. Certainly, young women can get breast cancer. My youngest patient personally, is 24 years old and she does not have a family history.

I think you should not discount anything, but at the same token, I do not want you to be paranoid about everything. For younger women, I suggest they examine themselves about every month or so. If they have any worries, they should come see me and I will examine them as well, and perhaps do an ultrasound.

The other thing I think is important, for all of us as women, to do and even perhaps some men is to realize what your risk factors are. If you are a person who has no family history, you are at a weight where your BMI is less than 30, and you had children before the age of 30, then your risk factors are probably pretty low, particularly if you do not have any family history.

Now, that does not mean you cannot get breast cancer. We all can get it; it is the most common cancer in women. But, if you make note of what your risk factors are, that may tell you if you should see a doctor to be examined once a year.

Once a woman turns 40, every woman should have a mammogram. There is a bit of controversy about the age, but I feel strongly and so do many societies and institutions, I feel like we should have our mammograms done starting at the age of 40 and yearly. I do not agree with going every two years as you age because breast cancer is only more common as you age. I think you should keep it up starting at the age of 40 once a year until you know you are not going to live anymore.