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Breast Cancer

The Why Behind Dr. Palafox’s New Book: “The Breast Cancer Treatment & Survival Manual”

By January 25, 2022No Comments

The words “You have breast cancer” are heart-stopping and devastating. How will you get through this? What about the rest of your life…your kids…your job? Suddenly there are more tests, more blood work, and a million doctor appointments to talk about chemotherapy, radiation, and genetics. You are struggling to understand it all. How will you talk to friends and family about this when you can’t really understand it all yourself? You search online for information, a guide, anything to help you understand your diagnosis and what is happening to you. Is what you are reading even reliable or up to date? Your mind is spinning!

Enter “The Breast Cancer Treatment and Survival Manual”; a book written by board-certified breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Maria Palafox. The manual explains breast cancer, treatment options, and every step you need to take…in plain English! It also includes:

  • pages to store essential information like biopsy and mammogram reports, surgery reports, medication lists, and doctor information
  • tabs to keep your treatment information, surgery and genetic testing, chemotherapy, and radiation
  • customizable calendar pages with room for notes

So why exactly did Dr. Palafox write this book? She sees numerous women (and men) that struggle with letting cancer simply happen to them. Along with breast cancer comes a team of many doctors, surgeons, and other health professionals. You as the patient need something to refer to when seeing all those doctors. No one else is going to care for your health as well as you! Dr. Palafox is passionate about allowing the patient to be his/her own advocate. Take the Breast Cancer Treatment and Survival Manual with you to all your doctor appointments, infusions, labs, surgeries…every appointment; and document everything that happens and how you feel. Writing everything in the manual will help you and your doctors! You will be surprised at how pleased your doctors are when they see you fighting for your health. With a little help from Dr. Palafox’s easy-to-read instructions, organized pages, and healthy tips, you CAN take control and survive breast cancer! 

Where can you find this book? It’s coming soon! It will be available for pre-order in February 2022! Dr. Palafox and her team are excited to get this manual into your hands so YOU can get the power of knowledge to challenge and conquer breast cancer!