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Breast Cancer

Three Strategies to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests that at least some women can avoid breast cancer if they follow three important guidelines. While it might not be an easy task to follow even one of these guidelines, it is important to try to do so if you want to avoid breast cancer. Unfortunately, following all three of these tips is not going to guarantee that a woman will not get breast cancer either. They are simply helpful tips that can be used to minimize the risk of developing this particular form of cancer.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is a task that often becomes more difficult as a woman ages. However, keeping your body weight at a healthy level is an excellent step in preventing not only breast cancer but other types of disease as well. Ask your doctor what the optimal weight range for your age and height is so that you have firm numbers to work with to achieve your personal weight goal. 

In order to maintain an optimal weight, some combination of healthy eating habits and daily exercise should be involved. Avoiding foods that are high in sodium and fat content is an excellent start to eating a healthy diet. Of course, eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to get vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body. 

Limit Alcoholic Drinks

For some women, this is an easy task because they do not drink alcoholic beverages. Since abstinence from alcohol is the best strategy when trying to avoid certain types of cancer, avoiding alcohol completely is an excellent strategy. 

However, casual drinking is often part of the social or business scene. Limiting your alcoholic intake to no more than one drink is the best strategy. Alcohol can damage body cells, especially when other harmful chemicals are present in the body. 

Exercise Each and Every Day

A healthy and active lifestyle is good for the body as well as being a deterrent for certain types of disease including breast cancer. While it might be difficult to maintain a daily routine of 30 minutes of exercise, it is important if you want to try and prevent breast cancer. Plus, incorporating this exercise into a daily routine helps a woman to maintain a healthy body weight. It can also keep hormones on an even keel while boosting the immune system. As you can see, exercise is a good thing all the way around. 

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